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Raspberry PI as a smart-console for Logitech Z906

Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:08 pm


I am new here. I've tried to search for the topic but did not find anything, so I do believe, that it is nothing wrong with asking here.

Recently, I have been inspired by the smart home technology. I am a proud owner of a Raspberry PI, on which I have set up an instance of the Home Assistant. I have configured there most of my smart devices, but there is one thing that bugs me off.

I have Logitech Z906 speakers, connected to my PC on Input 1 and Chromecast (via sound output from my monitor) on Input 2. As lazy as I am, I always wanted to start videos from my bed, without having to get up and changing sound input manually.

Fortunately, the speakers have a console, that is connected with the DB-15 pin ( ... 6ug403.pdf) to the subwoofer - it has an IR controller remote. Good thing is that there were "hidden IR-codes" to change the input to the specific value instead of going "next". This simplifies things so that I don't have to say "next input" 4 times.

I have bought a Broadlink RM mini blaster, which is connected to the HA and does the thing for me.

Unfortunately, there are other problems:
1. The speakers automatically power off when there was no sound input for a certain time.
2. The IR codes for changing the volume are only "up" and "down" - there is no way to set up a specific value 0-100.
3. The console only receives IR codes and is not able to respond to any kind of queries "are the speakers on?" or "what is the current input?". I would have to connect a webcam which then looks for lights on the console.

So... I've got an idea, that the Raspberry Pi could be the console here. I could connect the original one into the Raspberry, then look for codes that are being sent over the DB-15 pin (3 rows) cable and then send them from the Raspberry. Frankly speaking, I'm not too keen on the device side of doing this - I am C/Java/C#/Python/any-kind-of-language programmer, but soldering pins... It scares me...

Is there any way to do this without much pain? I have searched for adapters, but there are only VGA-HDMI ones and what's more important, I would have to create the analog input?

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