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Lazarus Error to compile Zeos

Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:07 pm

I am trying to compile Lazarus for Rpi, I did and it is so fine. Now I wanna install Zeos package in this distribution but

I use this guide to install Lazarus ... pberry-pi/

TExternalToolList.Run Exception: Error: Illegal parameter: ~/packages/lazarus/zcomponent.lpk

Somebody has installed Zeos component on Lazarus?

Any cluees?

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Re: Lazarus Error to compile Zeos

Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:30 am

As far as I know the zeos components do not (yet) work on - any, not just Pi - ARM based platform.


But this ... =raspberry suggests otherwise...

May be a case that your version is too old? (i.e. below 7.03) as the interesting part in this discussion reads:
"Hi again,
ZeosLib 7.0.1 beta failed with "cannot find ZEncode.pas" while the latest 7.0.3 Stable (that I didn't know about it only few minutes ago Smile ) is working good.
Thus with ZeosLib-7.0.3, Lazarus32 ,CodeTyphon 3.1 and Postgres 9.1, I have a database application running on a Raspberry Pi."
If it works with Codetyphon ( a Lazarus version setup for cross-compilation) it will also work on the Raspberry Pi installation of Lazarus.

There is a bit more to it:
Did you also follow the instructions to build trunk FPC 2.7.1 and Lazarus 1.1?
You will probably need that too.
If you didn't, there's a newer stable FPC/Lazarus version in Jessie: 2.6.2/1.0.6 that might do the trick after apt-get udate/upgrade. But I suggest strongly that you use FPC/Lazarus trunk on the Raspberry Pi because the 2.7.1 version is a superior ARMHF compiler compared to 2.6.x

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Re: Lazarus Error to compile Zeos

Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:38 pm

This version: ... bf#p122003
works for me on Raspberry Pi 4 B 2GB (I tested with MySQL/MariaDB10, PostgreSQL9, SQLite, MSSQL Express-freeTDS)


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