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Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:13 pm

Hello, board.

So far in my dabblings with the Pi I've managed to get Puredata installed along with the HID externals in order to start transferring some projects on to the Pi.

What I am working on is a bundle of synthesiser patches that rely solely upon a wireless Xbox control pad as their input. All of these I have built on my laptop (running Ubuntu) and they are all working wonderfully.

So here is the problem... On the Pi, Puredata works as it should (if a little slow) but mainly the HID does not recognise the Xbox wireless controller/receiver. In fact, Puredata crashes when I try to address the controller's standard product ID directly. I'm sure HID 'seems' to work, as it lists the keyboard & mouse and retrieves their data accordingly.

If anyone here has experience dabbling with the controller and/or Puredata I'd like to hear of any other problems or solutions you've had!

Many thanks!

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Re: Puredata...

Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:13 am

So after doing a bit of post-reading and some good old fashioned trial&error, I now have a working controller with Puredata, and I thought I'd share my findings in case others are trying to achieve the same.

I installed that latest version of 'xboxdrv' as suggested in other posts on here, and ran 'sudo xboxdrv' from a terminal to test the controller. All fine. Then after closing xboxdrv and trying to use [hid] in Puredata, I had the same crash issues. I fixed this by running 'sudo xboxdrv --silent' in a terminal, and tried PD while xboxdrv was still running... Joy!!!!

I've found some of the conventions to be different in the version of [hid] I'm using compared to the one I'm used to, e.g. the throttles (LT & RT) are now named 'abs_brake' & 'abs_gas' where as before I had 'abs_z' & 'abs_rz', but this is no major issue and I can adapt previous projects easy enough with minimal changes.

All I now need to do is add some script that immediately boots xboxdrv and keeps it running in the background, preferably only when the wireless controller receiver is discovered during the Pi's boot sequence...

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Re: Puredata...

Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:11 am

Very interested in hearing more about your musical venture. Considering converting a roland GK pickup into a digital guitar....

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