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c# mono on PI

Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:59 am

Hello ,
I have a working code in c# that read a Text file , and then send it to a tcp server as HEX
working great

my problem is that when I try to make it work on PI - I notice I get garbage , after tested all ind of messages I understadn the problem is in the encoding.
in the c# code I'm using "windows-1255" , something that doesn't exists in PI

when I use UTF8 encoding he can read the file , show mw the Hebrew in the terminal , save the text as a new text file in Hebrew - without any problem ---> but the encoding is UTF8 I know this because I that I get on the tcp server utf8 hebrew D7_90 , D7_91 ..
How can I change it to work with windows1255 - so I can read\save the text file like this? so it will show me E0,E1.......

I have try to change the PI local to hebrew , and try to save the text file as CP1255 - but when I open the file again it3 change it auto to UTF8

Thanks ,

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