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Problem with str instruction in as

Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:34 pm

I an currently porting a version of Forth written for a Microchip PIC to ARM code for my Pi. I am using as and gcc.
However I have problems with the following

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	ldr 	r1,  [r12]				@ get immediate word
	add	r12, r12, #4
	str	r1, [r11]				@ push on parameter stack    THIS INSTRUCTION CAUSES PROBLEMS
	add	r11, r11, #4
	b	 NEXT

	ldmdb	r11, {r0, r1}		@ get address and data
	str	r0,  [r1]				@SAVE IT
	- - - - - - 
	- - - - - -
	b docolon
	,word CR
	.word lit,  0x51,  EMIT
	.word store
	.word interpret	
	.word endcolon
The instruction str r1, [r11] causes the linker to not find the store label. I get the message:-

(.text+0x190): undefined reference to 'store'

If I comment out the str instruction the linker works but of course the "lit" word does not. If I comment out the line " .word store" again the linker works but obviously the QUIT word fails. By moving the "lit" code about in the program I find that it appears to be the label/labels immediately following the "lit" code which are not found.

Other thin the above the threaded code is working and includes the same str about 10 times without this problem.

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