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Raspberry Pi R project advice

Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:06 pm

I have automated the heat/cooling/irrigation in a small greenhouse using a raspberry Pi. I am currently learning R for work and have been thinking about applying R to my greenhouse project, but could use some advice. It would seem that R might be a good way to analyze/display (HTML) graphs and data (temp, water run times, etc). The question is how, and how much of the existing Python would I replace with R. Could/should I do the entire data collection, reporting (via html), and relay control in R? Or should I continue using Python for running the system and collecting the data, and just use R to analyze the data for display (web page)?
FYI I am not necessarily looking for the “BEST” solution, but one that is effective, not overly complex, and might be fun/informative to build. I want something I can rely on to run my greenhouse but also want to have fun and learn while doing it. Otherwise I would just buy a commercial product and call it done.

Just for information: My current system logs temps using a ds18b20 temperature sensor (I plan to add at least 1 more), stores it in a MySQL database, and operates 2 relays (heat/cool and irrigation). It displays some basic data temp data (High/low/current temps), a graph of recent temps, and a still image from a usb camera on a web page.

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or suggestions.

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