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Pi PHP Console

Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:55 pm

Hello everyone,
I looked for some time for a decent pi console for doing basic GPIO interaction. I was more interested "at the time" in making light chains and the such. After days of not finding what I wanted I decided to just make one. So attached is a zip containing the 'Simple Pi Console'. Hope you enjoy.

The Simple Pi Console is very basic, it displays status of the apache server on the pi and the mysql server on the pi. To the right it displays all the basic GPIO pins (for out mode) and their current status. We have the ability to make a gpio turn on, off and run through an interval. On the bottom we can manually type shell commands to your pi.

Install is as simple as dropping it into a directory accessible to Apache and navigating to the url.

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Re: Pi PHP Console

Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:29 pm

The Complex Pi Console

Continuing to develop the Simple Pi Console has brought me to the Complex Pi Console. This console will continue to be developed while the simple pi console will remain in its current state with minimal development.

The differences
The Simple Pi Console only has two dependencies: PHP5+ and Apache web server
The Complex Pi Console has three dependences: PHP5+, MySQL 3.5+ and Apache web server

The benefits
As The Complex Pi Console continues to be developed new features will become available and bugs will be dealt with much faster.

The Simple Pi Console will continue to have bugs and glitches fixed on it at a slower pace, however someday will become '100% stable' and all development will be discontinued.

Change Log
~ = cosmetic change
+ = new feature
++ = Proposed Feature
- = known bug
-- = bug fix

Simple Pi Console
~ Images changed
- shell console not returning post (Possibly not posting in some cases)

Complex Pi Console
+ Secured by user sign-on
++ Ability to receive input
++ Ability to talk with sensors (IE: Color sensors)
++ Ability to add multiple users
++ Ability to save shell commands for later use.
++ Create GPIO scripts by recording interactions on the console


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