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Visual Debugger Problems in Qt Creator (On the PI)

Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:32 am

So I have setup a small Qt project on my raspberry pi and correctly configured the toolchains to compile the application (followed instructions here and switched over to using xterm). I am not using the Qt GUI framework for anything but just prefer the IDE for development and debugging. The project compiles and runs just fine in release and even builds in debug but when I try and run it in debug the application just segfaults immediately. I have double checked that the toolchain in Qt Creator is pointing to gdb (/usr/bin/gdb) and have even successfully run the application with gdb in terminal. Am I missing something or is the visual debugger in Qt Creator on the Pi just not supported? Does anybody else have this problem? If not can somebody recommend me another IDE to use that does have a nice visual debugger for on platform development?


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