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Sharing an image viewer with some useful features

Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:13 pm

When filling up online form, I often had to struggle with cropping and resizing photos.
So I created an image viewer (QmageView) for myself. It has very responsive UI. Opens an image quickly. Qt4 is its only dependency.

If you are interested, feel free to try it.

Save Menu:
Overwrite : replaces original image.
Save a copy : Saves a new version of the image.
Save as.. : Asks new filename and save it.

If the fileformat is jpg, you can check filesize and set compression before saving.

specify only one or both of width and height to resize.
Or you can use advanced options to set DPI and size in cm.

Crop :
It has an option to lock any particular crop ratio.

Transform Menu:
Mirror : for photos that are mirror image.
Straighten : Perspection Tranforms an image.

Decorate Menu:
Photo Grid: create a grid of multiple photos of same size.
Photo Collage : Place any photos of any size any where in the page.
Add border : add a black border to the photo.

Filter Menu: Apply these useful filters.
Grayscale: convert to grayscale image
Scanned Page: Convert to monochrome black only image by applying adaptive threshold.
Threshold : Calculates a global threshold value and applies to convert to monochrome image.
Sharpen : Apply unsharp masking to sharpen image.
Blur : Apply gaussian blur
Despeckle : Remove speckle noise.
Remove Dust : Remove Dusts from old scanned photos.
Enhance Contrast : Increase contrast of image by using sigmoid function.
Auto white balance : Apply white balance (similar like gimp).

Source Code :
Build Dependency : libqt4-dev
Runtime Dependency : libqtgui4, libqt4-svg, libgomp1

To build:
Extract the source archive, and type command...

Code: Select all

cd src
make -j4
sudo make install
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Photogrid Window.png
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