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High speed font cache rendering in C++ on the Pi Zero

Mon May 06, 2019 8:22 pm


I hope you don't mind me sharing a quick video on rendering TTF fonts using SDL2 on the Raspberry Pi Zero written in C++.

The video depicts a 3D scene with a passage of text containing 5000 formatted characters (not 9000 as I say in the vid!) that are dynamically rendered at 1080p on the Zero. The text is continually reformatted in real-time with various styles; italic, header sizes, subscript/superscript and left justification based on HTML tags.

Here's the link

Note: I will be releasing the graphics engine/library in due course once I've taken it through it's paces developing various game and applications (there are other vids that demo these on my channel).

I hope you are inspired by what can be done on the Zero in C++ :mrgreen:
Raspberry Pi == small computer == big dreams

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