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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:10 am
by herewego
I'm relatively new to Rpi but have experience with VB and c programming on microprocessors. I'm designing an application where I would like to use the 7" touch screen as a user interface for the public. i.e. buttons, text boxes etc.
I'd appreciate any suggestions as to where I should start, ideally with a turtorial or worked examples.


Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:42 am
by Pwl2
I am also new to GUI programming but I use C++. I am using wxwidgets. The website has a lot of info and there are some books available and lots of info on the web in general.



Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:01 am
by yodermk
Qt is awesome. For something simple, or along the lines of a smartphone app type thing, you might want to look into Qt Quick, which uses a markup language for the UI and Javascript for the code. I've not used Qt Quick personally but that's pretty much what it's for.