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Netbeans C++

Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:15 pm

Greetings from St Louis Missouri USA

I am using Netbeans and the C++ compiler plugin to develop an application for home owners to use the raspberrypi
I am a C/C++ programmer with 20 years experience programming other single board computers for other systems running Windows and
Linux. I am trying to port an application over to the raspberrypi. I have it ported. It works but locks upsometimes. Most likely a memory problem somewhere. I am looking for some other people with more experience using Netbeans and the C++ compiler plugin. My first question relates to the following Netbeans C++ compiler config setting. There is a drop down box which says ...

Open MP

Q1) What are these for ? Where are they documented ?

Q2) Can valgrind be made to work on the PI ? Or is there another tool like valgrind that I can use to debug my application.

It is using standard template library container classes and I suspect something got messed up in the port from Windows to linux.

My application is a zigbee to IP router for Enecsys micro inverters. It uses the local serial port because there is a Zigbee radio with a prolific USB dongle that plugs into the PI My application also uses pthreads with Berkley sockets - Multiple threads

Is there anybody also out there using Netbeans and C++ for the raspberrypi ?

If yes please contact me to exchange some emails.

I have 20+ years experience with the C++ language but little Linux experience.

I would enjoy hearing from anybody that is using Netbeans with ANY C++ compiler to develop apps for the PI

Best regards

Dan Ambrose
St Louis, Missouri USA
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Re: Netbeans C++

Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:01 pm

1) pthreads is the primary library which implements the POSIX threading API used for multithreading under Linux. You may have to link to it when using multihreading (AFAIK the C++ multithreading support of GNU libstdc++ is built on top of it).

OpenMP is a library which can accelerate your software on multicore systems if you use its macros with sections of code which are parallelizable.

I think those options just ensure that the respective libraries are linked in.

2) Did you try

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sudo apt-get install valgrind
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