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how to write the sensor data to a .csv file

Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:11 pm

hello everyone
i have interfaced a mpu6050 sensor ((3-axis Gyroscope +3-axis Accelerometer + Temperature) Sensor Module) with rpi3b and i am recording the values of 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer . now what i want to do is , i want to store the values of 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer into a .csv file. i am not having any experience with file handling so can anyone please help me with the code so that i can store the reading into a csv file.

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import smbus			#import SMBus module of I2C
from time import sleep          #import

#some MPU6050 Registers and their Address
PWR_MGMT_1   = 0x6B
SMPLRT_DIV   = 0x19
CONFIG       = 0x1A
INT_ENABLE   = 0x38
GYRO_XOUT_H  = 0x43
GYRO_YOUT_H  = 0x45
GYRO_ZOUT_H  = 0x47

def MPU_Init():
	#write to sample rate register
	bus.write_byte_data(Device_Address, SMPLRT_DIV, 7)
	#Write to power management register
	bus.write_byte_data(Device_Address, PWR_MGMT_1, 1)
	#Write to Configuration register
	bus.write_byte_data(Device_Address, CONFIG, 0)
	#Write to Gyro configuration register
	bus.write_byte_data(Device_Address, GYRO_CONFIG, 24)
	#Write to interrupt enable register
	bus.write_byte_data(Device_Address, INT_ENABLE, 1)

def read_raw_data(addr):
	#Accelero and Gyro value are 16-bit
        high = bus.read_byte_data(Device_Address, addr)
        low = bus.read_byte_data(Device_Address, addr+1)
        #concatenate higher and lower value
        value = ((high << 8) | low)
        #to get signed value from mpu6050
        if(value > 32768):
                value = value - 65536
        return value

bus = smbus.SMBus(1) 	# or bus = smbus.SMBus(0) for older version boards
Device_Address = 0x68   # MPU6050 device address


print (" Reading Data of Gyroscope and Accelerometer")

while True:
	#Read Accelerometer raw value
	acc_x = read_raw_data(ACCEL_XOUT_H)
	acc_y = read_raw_data(ACCEL_YOUT_H)
	acc_z = read_raw_data(ACCEL_ZOUT_H)
	#Read Gyroscope raw value
	gyro_x = read_raw_data(GYRO_XOUT_H)
	gyro_y = read_raw_data(GYRO_YOUT_H)
	gyro_z = read_raw_data(GYRO_ZOUT_H)
	#Full scale range +/- 250 degree/C as per sensitivity scale factor
	Ax = acc_x/16384.0
	Ay = acc_y/16384.0
	Az = acc_z/16384.0
	Gx = gyro_x/131.0
	Gy = gyro_y/131.0
	Gz = gyro_z/131.0

	print ("Gx=%.2f" %Gx, u'\u00b0'+ "/s", "\tGy=%.2f" %Gy, u'\u00b0'+ "/s", "\tGz=%.2f" %Gz, u'\u00b0'+ "/s", "\tAx=%.2f g" %Ax, "\tAy=%.2f g" %Ay, "\tAz=%.2f g" %Az) 	

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Re: how to write the sensor data to a .csv file

Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:34 pm

You probably want to take a look at Python's csv module:

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