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Simple Camera App? ASAP

Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:48 pm


I have modded an old Camera so it now have a RPI Zero W with the V2 Camera Module and an Touchscreen intergated into it.
I need a really simple program I think. My idea is:
The touchscreen show the preview in fullscreen, and only have one software button on the same screen, the capture button of cause. When someone touch the button the camera save the picture on the PI.
The touchscreen resolution is 800 x 480 and is connected through HDMI.
Would be nice is the Picture is saved in an better resolution than the camera screen.

Have looked at this one, but really don't know if it will work with HDMI and another resolution than they write ... the-camera

I'm a really newbie, so really hope someone can help me ASAP cause, I'll need it to work on my wedding this weekend.

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Re: Simple Camera App? ASAP

Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:16 am

Project XXX wrote: I'll need it to work on my wedding this weekend.
You are out of time, go to plan B.

But if you are very,very,very lucky you can follow their instruction but dont add "dtoverlay=pitft28c,rotate=90,speed=80000000,fps=60" line to config.txt because that is for the LCD screen you dont have.

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