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Set of questions forAGui,Arduino and Matlab Interfacing

Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:04 pm

Hello to everyone. I am new to RPi and yet to buy my own.
I have a set of questions.

First, I want you to know my project. I am reading values via sensors from my arduino analog pins. A0 to A15.

Currently, I am using matlab and the Arduino I/O script which allows matlab to connect to the arduino via usb. I've created a GUI which displays values via analogRead.

Now what I want to do is change from a PC-matlab interface into the Raspberry Pi.

First question:
Is it possible to read values per AnalogPin from arduino to RPi? Cause ive read some articles and all i see is serial read from the two and that only flashes data in a stream. Is there a way to read the pins individually?

Second Question:
Whats the best GUI program for RPi that i can use for displaying the AnalogData

If all this fails, can i just use my Matlab GUI and compile it make it run on RPi?

Sorry for the long post. I want to ask all this before I dive into the RPi environment.

Thank you!

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