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Thinking of Buying Raspberry Pi

Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:06 pm

Hi all, first time on this forum and I have only just discovered Raspberry Pi a few moments ago. First impressions indicate a lot of potential for this bit of kit in my home life.

Before I run out and spend my hard earnt cash, I would like to ask a few simple questions before I start spending hours reading online material.

1) Can I connect several speakers to Raspberry PI and have a text to speech module running. I would love to have some home automation, where at for example 7am, it sends and alarm over the speakers with a voice saying 'Good morning, time is x, date is x, weather is x.

2) Can you connect wireless switches to Raspberry PI, so if back gate opens, a voice says 'back gate has been opened'

Many Thanks, Stu

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Re: Thinking of Buying Raspberry Pi

Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:09 am

1) Yes, see ... 74&p=47083 .

2) Wired switches are really simple to do. However, although I' m sure you could do wireless switches, it would be quite difficult.

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Re: Thinking of Buying Raspberry Pi

Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:11 am

Yes you can connect speakers - the 3.5mm jack is OK, but not the best quality. You can attach USB sound cards although the Raspi can be picky about which ones work ok.

Yes, you can connect all sorts of things - just need to know specifically what you mean to make a correct yes/no judgement.
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