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Using the Pi to replicate the Budweiser Hockey Goal Light

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:44 pm
by tomj2222

I am an avid hockey fan, and have always wanted a web connected device that monitored nhl game feeds real time, and would set off an led notification. In Canada, they have just started releasing a Budweiser goal light that connects to your phone and a goal light goes off every time your favorite team scores a goal.

Now to my question.... I just received my Pi in the mail and was wondering if anyone had an idea as to where to start? I have basic programming skills, but have never played with a Pi

Thanks in advance to anyone with info!

Re: Using the Pi to replicate the Budweiser Hockey Goal Ligh

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:28 am
by PhillyNJ
Welcome to the world of Pi. Below is a link to a thread where a similar question was asked. If you are able to get game feeds you can actually be able to light a light when an event occurs. Pretty cool project if you ask me. ... 26&t=37487

My suggestions:

Use python running in the background which checks the feed every minute. If a goal is detected, set a GPIO pin 'HIGH' that energizes a relay connected to a 'Budweiser' light. If you do this project, definitely post it when you're done.

Good Luck

Re: Using the Pi to replicate the Budweiser Hockey Goal Ligh

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:24 pm
by tomj2222

Thanks for the response! I actually bought an UNO for the light/notification control, but would it be easier to just use the pi's GPIO pin? Also, I was hoping that it would be as close to real time notification, so can python do that? (I've never tried python). As for the notification LED's, I wanted to use the 5050 RGB led strips. I've used these twice before and they've been nothing but a joy.

Another possible addition to this project could be the implementation of Fantasy sports. For example, someone would use a web interface to input all the players on their fantasy roster, so that when the feed detects points gained it would flash specific colors (goal is blue, assist is red).

Again just a thought, but for now I'm just trying to take baby steps. I'm an EE student right now and am looking for a project to spend some downtime on. When completed I'll post a tutorial on instructables.


Re: Using the Pi to replicate the Budweiser Hockey Goal Ligh

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:44 pm
by PhillyNJ
Yes its possible. Python is a powerful language. There are modules/libraries that can parse XML and RSS feeds. I would start like so:

learn how to write a Python program that will consume the RSS feed and Save the score. If the score changes, then send a GPIO pin high to a simple LED with a pull down resistor. When you get that working, learn how to uses a relay to switch power on/off to a 12v or higher circuit.

There are my examples on the web. Do some searching on:

how to use Python and GPIO on the Pi
how to use a simple relay with the Raspberry Pi (or UNO for that matter, the concept is the same)

Good luck