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Real time audio processing

Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:18 am

Hello , I am planning to do a simple audio processing program something like real time volume gain
I have previously done this on a DSP processor but would like to do this on the ARM . I am a beginner at programming therefore pardon me for any mistakes

Basically I want to sample the analog input using an interrupt service routine and plan to program using C

First , there is no Line in on the board therefore I plan to use a external USB sound card. How do I sample the audio data coming from the sound card ? Can I know how the data flows to the processor ? Are there any libraries that I can use ?

Then I want to transmit the data to the Line out on the board or the sound card ,after processing it. How do transmit the data to the same

Is there a serial port which connects the processor to the line in , line out

Any help will be hugely appreciated

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Re: Real time audio processing

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