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Hi all,

i have a pi 3 model B. i am trying to plug it into a network and use the PI to create packet loss and latency, i want to do some testing and need to create a "Dirty" network,.
i will be running this through a Meraki network.
so it will be internet to MX to PI to MS to AP. So need to PI in the middle to manipulate the latency/packet loss?

does anyone know what scripting i can use, i have Raspian on the PI currently .

thanks Bob

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Re: Latency

Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:34 am

Is this a SPAM bot?


1) First post
2) Random user name
3) Really off the wall question
4) Signs of as "Bob"

Anyway, in case not Bob, I have never done this kind of thing but google tells me the netem program might do the job:

"netem provides Network Emulation functionality for testing protocols by emulating the properties of wide area networks. The current version emulates variable delay, loss, duplication and re-ordering."
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