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Controlling CLI by a Screen

Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:32 am


i build a Photobooth and everything works fine. Now i search a way to controll the system by touch a graphic/icon.
Status Quo is that i have an Arcade-Button who start my python script to start the processes what everything do whats to do.
Now i search a way to do it with a touch-screen.

I think i have some ways to do this:

- Pi3 with a touch screen. Click an Icon starts a SSH-Command what start the procedure.
- Windows-Tablet who starts the Script by SSH on the Pi (I can design a simple Software with Delfi, who can control the Pi by SSH over Wifi)
- Android Tablet, connected by Wifi, who starts a the Python-Script on the Pi (need a simple Android App, who can control the Pi)
- PHP-Website on Pi3 over Apache, who starts the Script on the same Pi directly (no special Programming needed, just simple PHP-Website)

I´m not sure which is the simplest, easiest way for doing this. Money is not the problem, every solution needs buying external Hardware. Maybe the simplest way will be a touch-screen in the pi, but i put them in an external storage outside the booth. And then i must put them behind the display, the not the way i like to do...

What are you doing in this case?


For Reason of compability i think it´s the easiest way to use a apache server and control the pi with a php-website, who can execute shell-commands by himself.

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Re: Controlling CLI by a Screen

Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:39 pm

Also for all solutions that is not with the screen directly connected to the Pi, you need a working networking connection.

If this network connection is trivial I would agree that a web-page sound like a good hardware independent solution.
Have you ever checked out Node-Red ?

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Re: Controlling CLI by a Screen

Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:31 am

Hi topguy,

no, i never herad something about Node-Red.
A Network-Connection is always given, every Customer can receive his Picture after scanning a QR-Print if he connected to the free wifi given from the booth.

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