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Pi to Pi controller interface direction.

Tue Jun 22, 2021 4:01 am

So first off, I am new to using a pi but have a project in mind that I would like guidance for proper research and direction before getting to far and wasting time going down the wrong path. I also do not have a strong coding background or much experience with Linux based systems, but learn quick.

What I have:
Two Pi 3B+ one is in a remote control tank chassis, the other attached to a 7" touch screen. I also have a PC to remote access and and monitors directly connect to the pis

The goal:
Create a GUI on the touch screen to control the tank and any attachments via Bluetooth connection (no wifi, no radio). Also, I would like to have retuned information (confirmation of action done and/or counts) displayed on the touch screen display with real time feedback or maybe video display (video not necessary, just something cool to keep in mind).

What I have already done:
I have already created a basic GUI on the tank pi and can access it both with remote desktop on my PC or by using the BlueDot app on my android phone. While both are viable options I primarily want to learn how to connect 2 pis via bluetooth (maybe wifi if easier) and have one send signals to the other as a controller device.

What I think I understand so far:
I believe that you can connect two pis via bluetooth with a client/server interface and send serial data. From what I understand, you need to open up an RF COMM to make sure they communicate properly. I will have to teach myself how serial information is interpreted, but don't see that as an issue.

What I need to know:
Is what I understand the most efficient method of connecting two pis together via bluetooth? Are there simpler or more efficient ways of doing this?
Finally, since I plan on using this in areas without wifi connectivity, would a radio module be easier/better to set up? Distance and power use are non factors for me.

If you have any cool resources that could help me, feel free to link em. I have found quite a bit of info already but just need someone to help point me in the right direction before investing too much time.


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Re: Pi to Pi controller interface direction.

Tue Jun 22, 2021 7:01 pm

...via Bluetooth connection (no wifi, no radio)
This makes no sense. Bluetooth is radio. Very short range radio at that. If your Pi in a tank and Pi with a screen are more than a few yards apart I would not consider it.

I'd be inclined to get a cheap WiFi router, with some antennas, and have your tank Pi, screen Pi, PC, laptop all communicate using WiFi through that. Nice and simple, all on the same network. Easy to connect to any device from said PC/laptop.
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