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Re: realy need help with RPM counter

Sun May 04, 2014 2:17 pm

JordyR96 wrote:i think it's imposible for me to program a RPM counter for now.
I like the saying that "Everything is simple as long as you have to do it". :shock:
What I mean is that various Youtube clips can create an illusion that there are no doubts and it must be very simple.
JordyR96 wrote:i like the raspberry pi, but i'm not able to understand it in 1 week time.
I think that it is not about understanding RasPi, but it is rather to set mindset "properly". RasPi is nothing but a small&nice computer operating on the same principles as many others. It's is not a unique species.

For example, I'll probably never understand modern art... everything seems to me like a result of a bad day in the office. ;-) It's a problem of my mindset...
JordyR96 wrote:i tried to make a simple button that light's up a single led, but it failed.
You might got better result if your first goal would be to understand related principles first.

Best wishes, Ivan Zilic.
Running out of GPIO pins and/or need to read analog values?

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Re: realy need help with RPM counter

Thu May 08, 2014 12:54 pm

JordyR96 wrote: i tried to make a simple button that light's up a single led, but it failed.
perhaps you need to step back a bit, do everything in stages.

First use the Pi's 3.3v and Gnd pins to light the LED up (all the Pi is doing is providing a power supply)
Next connect the LED to a GPIO pin and turn it on and off in Python (no switch needed)

Now you can add the switch to your python program, use it to turn on or off the LED.
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