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USB audio: any luck?

Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:12 pm


I've been trying for a while to setup my Pi as an Internet Radio player.
I use mpd and internal audio.

Then, I decided to use a PS3 controller via bluetooth as a remote control and got a lot of issues, which seem to be resolved (so far so good) by the latest FIQ usb rewrite.

But in the meantime I gave a go to a USB sound card ( ... nd-adapter, the CM108 version), and found a number of issues

1) reboots Pi if hotplugged to Pi directly (ok if plugged before boot)
2) appalling audio if connected to a usb hub
3) kills the network stack with intense NFS traffic ( ... t-37737253), (when minidlna rescans the database)
4) glitches more often than not

I seem to understand that this is a USB 1 device, which needs a Multi TT hub to work well and so on.
Many people report success with USB audio, but maybe their Pi is not loaded too much?

Would I have a better result with a real USB 2 device? Can't find any. All the ones I found are USB 2 Full Speed (12Mb/s), which smells the same as USB 1.
(see ... VEZQUSFYSM)

So now, I reverted to internal audio, much better.

Am I just unlucky with a dodgy device? dodgy Pi? or this is expected once the system gets loaded doing many things and using very cheap devices?

Anybody has similar (or opposite) stories?

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