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External Display as fb0

Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:48 pm

I currently have a USB LCD connected to my rpi and functioning as fb1. Note that I can use fbi to display images on it.

I was told in this thread that it is not possible to write an OpenGL ES program and have it use fb1 because egl is codded to only allow the default fb0 framebuffer to be used.

Therefore, is it possible to make my USB LCD register as fb0 and the onboard video fb1?

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Re: External Display as fb0

Thu Oct 24, 2013 4:40 pm

I don't know if it's possible to rename the framebuffer device.

But, even if it is possible, it won't help. The OpenGL hardware will still only work for the internal graphics.

If you write the word "Porsche" onto a horse carriage, it won't go any faster because of this.

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