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Monitor Color Control

Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:22 pm

I have an application for using Raspberry Pis for displaying photographs. This isn't for a typical home snapshot display, but for serious presentations, as in a gallery or corporate lobby. As different monitors have different display characteristics, I would like to be able to adjust the Pi's output to standardize how an image appears.

This is typically done with color calibration software, which generates an .icc file. I have calibration software that I run from my Mac that can generate the appropriate calibration file for a monitor, so I'm not looking for a way to run that calibration on my Pi. I copy the generated .icc file to

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, but it has no effect when running the app to display the photo.

Is there a way to have Raspberry Pi OS use these .icc files for all display output? I've searched the web and haven't found an answer.

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