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Nextion P Series with Buster

Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:52 am

I'm looking for folks who are using the Nextion HMI displays.

I'm running Buster on a Raspberry Pi B which I'm using to control a Nextion 7" HMI (P series) display. For the most part it is working but...

1. when I do a cold boot up, the display turns on when it get power from the Pi's 5v GPIO pin, then "clicks" and the display goes dark. In that mode the unit is totally unresponsive. If I manually disconnect and reconnect the power pin, it will come back to life and then will communicate normally via the serial ports with my Pi. Is there something in the boot-up sequence that cycles the UART pins? I have disabled the Serial using the Raspi-Config.

2. After a period (several days) of displaying and refreshing (every 5 min) the screen data, the unit will again go dark and become unresponsive. I have added code to my program to set the Nextion sleep option to NOT allow it to go into the sleep mode. Any ideas?

This is a cool device, but my application uses it as a "Status/Control Panel" for several 24x7 operations. If these issues can not be addressed then I will have to look for another display solution….RDK

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