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Moving install

Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:12 am

I have several 3B+ (I think there's a 3B in there, too), and have just purchased a 4B 4GB model. the 4G will take over as my NFS server, PiHole and, probably, my Plex server.

The current NFS Pi boots from an SSD, and the others from directories on that NFS.

However, swapping the drive to the Pi4 hangs at the end of the boot. I know a clean install is recommended, but I'd rather not. So, here's how I work.

Each Pi has an MicroSD holding /boot, which hands over either to the external drive directly (the NFS server) or via NFS to a directory on that drive. Works a treat. Now, I need to migrate that config to the Pi4, but I get dropped in to an emergency shell (sort of) at the end of boot. By "sort of" I mean after the "Press enter" message, it waits, then repeats.

Since the primary Pi boots directly, and the others boot remotely to it, I'd rather not have to reconfigure it all from scratch, so how do I get the old install booting fully. The original install uses a small touchscreen, with a clock via Chromium displayed. Not an option until I get a very short microHDMI to HDMI converter, so I've disabled the desktop completely, but still no joy.


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sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
gives me no updates, so I'm kinda stumped.

I can still boot the 3B+ from the USB HD.

By the way, having played with the desktop from MicroSD, awesome. So much better than the 3B+. Just watched a movie on it, HD upscaled to QHD, and no sign of any stuttering, and no overheating.
Headless PI. OMG, someone cut it's head off. Oh, hang on. it didn't have one to start with.

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