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Raspberry in Tesla Model 3

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:13 pm
by mikealanni

Have project I think I'm stuck, here is

My problem:
My DashCam can use USB device to save files (USB driver, SSD, .. etc). I have SSD connect to it and it is working as expected. my inconvenience is I need to take the SSD to computer (or OTG cable on my phone) to watch the clips.

My Idea:
Have raspberry working as USB drive to my Dashcam using my SSD as storage and Wifi SMB to be access my my phone by phone hotspot.

I've got the Raspberry pi zero W and connected it to hub then to the SSD and follow couple articles to make it as mass storage and I kinda got it working so far, but

I Stuck:
Zero has one mini USB and I don't know how to connect hub to the Dashcam to read read Zero mass storage.

Any idea how I accomplish that? is there another way, hub that works like network switch, or another raspberry board can accomplish this?

Thanks in advance


Re: Raspberry in Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:57 am
by andrum99
When the Pi's USB port is operating in device mode, as it must do to be used as a mass storage device, you can only attach one thing to the USB port. Whatever you attach to the Pi's USB port when it is in device mode *must* be a USB host. In this case, that would be the dashcam. Your only option is to use the SD card on the Pi as the storage for the dashcam. You would then be able to access the dashcam footage via the Pi's onboard wifi adaptor.

The largest SD card you could use is 256GB - larger than that and the Pi Zero W will not boot. This is due to a bug in the ROM inside the chip (BCM2835). (Once booted all Pi's can use SD cards up to and including 2TB in size).

It may also be possible to connect the Pi to other storage using wifi, although I'm not sure how you would expose this to the dashcam, and it may not work reliably.