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Trying to make an iPod as the actual one has kind of died

Mon May 13, 2019 10:56 pm

My iPod Classic (5th Gen) has a dead battery and a crappy hard disk along with a non-functional headphone jack. I really want to fix those problems, at least the headphone jack. But the replacements are not easy to find in India (online) or ordering from overseas is too costly. So my main objective of posting here is that I recently built a OSMC tablet using RPI 3B, and I really liked the Kodi platform. So now I want to make a smaller one, which looks just like the iPod Classic. I mean the OS should be OSMC and i can make physical buttons look like the clickwheel. I really have to start from the scratch. I was thinking of using the RPI Zero W with a SPI screen. But I am not sure if that will work on OSMC. Alternatively I could run Kodi on Raspbian if needed. Please suggest me a good layout for the plan if possible, or let me know what materials or URLs to go through.

Side note: I was also thinking that if I should just make a GUI just like the classic has in Linux itself. I mean not that complex, just the menu and the song info maybe, but I guess you get the idea. Also, all of this is for personal use and I do not intend to sell it as an Apple rip-off product, or something of similar sort

The display used by the iPod is 320x240 2.4 inch display. RetroPi works on a SPI display, so i figure so should OSMC.

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