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SPMSH2040L Spektrum linear servo

Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:52 pm

Good evening to everybody, i'm new here so it's my first post!
I'm trying to use the SPMSH2040L linear servo by Spektrum (https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Def ... SPMSH2040L)
I'm controlling it with a RPi and a 16ch i2c board. The servo works, but when it is in idle (stationary state) it makes a lot of noise, not the normal noise that servos do.
So i have tryed to out a mosfet beetween the i2c and the negative wire of the servo, in order to cut the current after it has finished his movement, then i give another movement command to it and it moves, then i cut the current again and after i send another movement command, but the servo seems to sleep and does not recieve any more command.
I know from the producer of the servo that they have an inversion wire (https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Def ... ID=SPM6825) and a sport of 6 channels board (https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Def ... MAR6410NBL)
Could Someone more Expert in this kind of servo help me?
thanks in advance

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