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Is there any "speed control" for USB and Ethernet on Rasprberry Pi 3?

Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:24 am

I'll try to explain, what I am talking about. For exaple, I will connect to my Raspberry Pi 3:
  • External HDD
  • Wi-Fi dongle
  • Ethernet
First of all, I will start downloading some files on my HDD from internet site, but as LAN9514 actually is a hub, the speed is limited by USB 2.0. So, how speed will be shared between them. An what will happen, if I will start to use Wi-Fi through usb dongle. I don't know, is it software problem, or hardware one. Maybe there is something about speed sharing between downstream ports in https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/LAN9514 documentation, but I don't see anything.

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