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bridge ethernet to ethernet and wifi vpn

Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:09 am

Hello, I've searched on internet for some forum but I founded nothing.
I would like to transform my rapberry pi into a "big" vpn client. I tell big because i would like to have my raspberry pi that make a bridge ethernet to ethernet and at the same time ethernet to wifi (access point).
So he get internet from eth0 (normal ethernet) then he distribute it to eth1 (using an ethernet dongle (usb to ethernet)) and to wlan0. And because he is connected to a vpn server, and he is a vpn client, evrybody who connect to the raspberry pi (ethernet and wifi) will profit of the vpn.

I hope you have understood it and have an answer for me
Thank you very much

I'm using a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian jessie. I can install another operating system if needed.

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