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Desktop Icon Positioning -how's it done?

Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:33 pm

I would like to know where the co-ordinates are stored for positioning the desktop icons, so that I can change them.

When I move the Wastebasket from its default position at top left of the Desktop, to somewhere else on the screen, a tick is added to the right-click menu against "Stick to Current Position". If I click on that menu item to remove the tick, the Wastebasket re-locates itself.

Can anybody suggest how I can achieve that effect from a command line command? I'm thinking that if I could find where the icon positions are stored, I could change the values using a script.

So far, I've only been able to discover that icon positions are not stored in ~/.local or ~/.config, or anywhere else in the /home/user/ space.

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