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VR splitscreen config

Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:32 am

Hi everyone,
I'm new here because, although I've been using Pi's for a while now to build and hack, my latest project is already causing me difficulties that I need your help with. I wish to be able to configure Raspbian to run in split screen / VR mode on my 5inch Adafruit screen - I've got about as far as HDMI mode 87 in the /boot/config.txt and that's it, though I've seen the split screen thing done on Android phones - the Code is on Github apparently: ... I'm also looking for anyone who is interested in helping me port versions of programs such as: "aframe" into webkit in Raspbian - - - obviously I have a lot to learn such as configuring a Gyroscope etc, but for now, if anyone could please help me with a split screen configuration, maybe tweekable at start-up to ensure the 3D environment is fundamental to my build / Raspbian flavour??
Please, please, please...
thanks also
John (a writer, programmer, VR lover)

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