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Long time time lapse with wifi or 3g image upload

Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:40 pm

I want to build a remote timelapse camera using a Zero board.
The camera will be in a remote location, and solar power might not be an option (or if it is, there will be a small 50mA panel).

The Zero will have to wake up every 30 minutes or so, take a picture as soon as possible, then shut down. If there is a number of pictures, it must try to find unsecured wifi networks and if it finds any, upload them on a ftp server (a bit unsecure but not a big deal). Alternatively, I might use a 3g modem instead.

Now, my idea is as follows:
1. Somewhere in init.d (but where?) call the picture taking program, increment a number in a file, and if the number is less than a predefined number, then shut down. Else, power the USB port, continue doing the init.d stuff(?), and at the end connect to the internet then upload the files to the remote server, decrement that number to 0, and shut down.
2. Using an arduino that is in the highest power saving mode for most of the time, use the reset pins to turn on the Zero.

Another idea I had was to use a RTC with an alarm that can reset the Raspi board. Is there any such RTC that it's easy to program?

Do you have any other ideas?

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