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Raspberry Pi3 remote connect to PLC

Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:03 pm

I am wanting to be able to incorporate a Pi 3 with a PLC. PLC has a GUI and uses Boolean algebra for turning input channels on and off for sensors and other programming for output actions on relays. The sensors however are outputting an analog signal to the control panel. I would like to be able to Connect Remotely to the Raspberry Pi 3 to monitor PLC conditions, change programming in the GUI and receive real time data when and if is necessary. Any suggestions on where to start? I know the GPIO pins are DIGITAL but is there way to use another port and just plug into the PLC without risk of splitting signals?

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Re: Raspberry Pi3 remote connect to PLC

Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:06 am

This is definitely doable with a RPi.
Telling us which type of PLCS might help us help a little better. Some ideas.

- the PI has delicate digital inputs, so you will need some extra hardware to protect it. The Pi inputs are max 3.3 V. There are a lot of different solutions which you can buy ready-made for not a lot of money.

- the PI has Digital inputs (on or off), but with extra hardware (there is quite a market with a lot to choose from) you can read real-world digital and analog signals and connect serially to devices using as example RS232. There are solutions available to allow the RPi to connect to as example Modbus used by PLC-s.

- remote connection to the PI through internet is quite possible. It might require a bit of setup in routers and such. As the RPi is a full Linux computer, almost anything is possible.

- the PI could run a "web server application" allowing you to connect with any web browser. There are a number of starting points for this that may save you a lot of programming. One example is node red (see ) as well as lot of other so called IOT frameworks. I like a module called node-red-dashboard.
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Not a full answer, but feel welcome.


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