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Get bluetooth client connected to Pi 3, talk to each other.

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:45 am
by rasp14
Here is my references for setting up bluetooth PAN in Pi. I'm using Pi3 by the way.

1. ... ez-5x.html

So i got my Pi3 act as master and got an android phone and a window PC connected via Pi3's PAN. All my devices got an ip assigned properly and it looked like this:
1. Pi3 -
2. Android phone -
3. Window PC -

I tried to ping my phone and window PC IP address from Pi3, i got a respond from both device and vice versa. However, when i tried to ping my android phone from window PC or vice versa, i got timeout message from console. It seems like clients can't talk to each other under PAN.

So what am i missing here? Hope someone can help me.