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RPI3 & UPS APC monitoring with sendEmail TLS/SSL and apcupsd

Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:26 am

Using Jessie 4.4 2016-09-23 and I can not send TLS / SSL e-mails with authentication (password) with apcupsd (UPS APC monitor) and sendEmail.
In another topic of this forum it seems the sendEmail problem is solved by changing this line in sendEmail:
if (! IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL($SERVER, SSL_version => 'SSLv23:!SSLv2'))
I found usr / bin / sendmail to change the specific line with this (! IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL($SERVER, SSL_version => 'TLSv1')) {
........ but then I do not know what to do ....

On last row of /etc/apcupsd/onbattery (and other apcupsd files: changeme, commfailure, commok, offbattery) I have this command:
) | $APCUPSD_MAIL -u "$MSG" -f -t $SYSADMIN -s
Here as you can see missing password and you can not use SSL / TLS ports

I think it is also necessary to change this line....
Only this line or file ?
How ??
Does anyone know how to fix
thank you

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