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Firmware version list?

Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:07 pm

Where i could get a complete list of firmware versions, numbers, and their corresponding "code"?

I would need them as input to the rpi-update script, which can update or downgrade firmware to any one you want to.

It has certainly something to do with hexxeh's github project page:
But i cannot copy the codes clearly (i don't know where they are) and they are not listed as neatly as: (for example)

#755 fab7796df0cf29f9563b507a59ce5b17d93e0390
#756 fakenum77dfcf9f9563b507a59ce5b17d9124123

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Re: Firmware version list?

Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:15 pm

From here:

you can click on any firmware version and get the hash (the last part of URL).

If you wanted to automate this, then you can clone the git repo, and git log will show all commit messages with corresponding hashes.

Code: Select all

$ git log --pretty=oneline
6f1db5b734a8cf5217cafd983b1ff9c84c1c5013 firmware: Fix for overclocking with h264_freq and v3d_freq
c815d34e024b4ceec65fff59e1448429bd909e9f firmware: video_decode: fix allocation of images by vd3_dpb to include link fields See: See:
8f6196d9e3c96915d89318821c5e591f094561e5 kernel: bump to 3.18.8
0c9001b568d1ac9593925fb76795bcc25cc59558 kernel: pinctrl-bcm2835: Fix interrupt handling for GPIOs 28-31 and 46-53 See:
ff93337300068d3cddd7f823bc77c4eb954357c9 firmware: ldconfig: Fix sort order to handle underscores and add check for sortedness. See:
9e69b79f484fe005d7eca698962f3ee27fa00aaf kernel: config: Remove SUSPEND and CPU_IDLE See:
8ddfa1f9eba8a207724644b22255597757dbcb75 firmware: diadv: Fix for parity of bff frames See:
6e7aa9d876e34f1cf6f70414e0483950fc6367c1 firmware: Fix for L1 cache coherency issue that could cause boot failure
a92d57b50444a8ecf935313cd77bb34152c1ad2d firmware: arm_loader: Patch the /model DT property string at boot time See:
b2f6c103e5355bee90ff57f55cdf6d7005485a23 firmware: arm_loader: Avoid race condition that can cause an over temp warning on boot
1a02ffcbe3df296487aaf5176667cf6c60a78fa1 firmware: Fix issue with turbo mode and under-voltage warning causing crash with poor power supply See:
46c2653d49570e14a28afad9e56677081e7a2409 kernel: bump to 3.18.7
38aa676b044f8de46aedb4bd972538a7ad6a3ce1 kernel: ntp: Patch to fix false positives on 32bit systems See:
5ab8621f4062ac500f63624e21141cb39d14f6be kernel: ntp: Patch to fix false positives on 32bit systems See:
22b808b52a2b6aa8abcbaadc7cc8726a8501b953 firmware: Move the warranty bit to bit 25 for Pi2 See:
3f11b3fb1f390b60daa22f2ca2ecda5266295a84 kernel: Bump to 3.18.6

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Re: Firmware version list?

Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:18 pm has all of the commits for the "firmware" that gets updated by rpi-update.
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Re: Firmware version list?

Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:42 am

Thanks for your replies :D

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