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Linux distributions available

Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:51 pm

I'm running several Pis, mostly 3B+, all headless, all via Ethernet, none of them ever saw a screen (if I really had no choice I'd do it, but I try to avoid it). So far, they all run Raspbian.

Now I have more and more often the issue that I want versions of software that are newer than in stretch (which isn't surprising since it's more than two years old), and I don't want to be starting building everything manually.
I tried installing ubuntu 18.04 server (there's a raspberry pi 3 AMD preinstalled image released by Canonical), which worked but it doesn't properly recognize the features of the CPU (/proc/cpuinfo looks very different from Raspbian). So this seems to be off.

Ubuntu Mate 18.04 (which there is a "beta 1" of... really? more than one year after release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?) seems not to be headlessly installable. Like I said, if I was convinced of it I'd attach a screen and keyboard, but I'm not, since I don't want something which is centered around a graphic environment which I'm not using (and hence uses more disk space) and has such an incredible delay till release, in a year or two I'd have the same issue I have with stretch now...

Is there any Linux flavour for Raspberry Pi that has a faster release cycle (or at least less delay)? Speaking in Debian terms, I'd happily go for sid, but I don't find repositories for it.

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Re: Linux distributions available

Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:04 pm

Since it is to run headless, I would go for Debian testing, currently Buster. Another option would be Arch Linux, it does not have releases/versions, it is a rolling release, so the software is updated as new stable versions becomes available. Although it is a bit more complicated to use and maintain in my opinion and as less pre compiled software available.

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Re: Linux distributions available

Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:10 am

You could use Debian Sid armhf with a 3B+, but you'd still have to use some parts from the Raspberry Pi repository which has Stretch and Buster available.

Of course this is an unsupported setup and if you get any issues you will have to sort them out yourself. ;)

I'm running some packages from Sid on a Pi 3B+ because I had problems with the versions in Stretch and Buster, but other than that I try to stick to the current release wherever possible. I also take backups before upgrading /installing anything, in case of breakage.
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