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Torrent Client Crashes Immediatly

Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:33 pm

So everything was working fine for quite some time - no changes to anything have been made. It would crash in the middle of the night while it was running sometimes but usually not for some time allowing torrents to complete, sometimes it would lock up the PI and I would have to reboot it..

Running the latest PI B+ Raspbian I know there was an update changing the UI I did that. But that was a couple weeks ago now.
Doesn't matter if its qbittorrent or deluge both will launch and take up 100% CPU resources for a sec and the GUI will pop and then immediately close.

I go and check running processes but I do not find anything.

I have used both terminal remove and synaptic to uninstall and re-install both programs I only jumped back to qbit after I couldn't get deluge working and same issue.

I have removed the directory "~/.config/deluge

When I re-launch it doesn't it doesn't re-create that directory

If I launch from terminal I see a bunch of properties can't change class after initialized errors.

I am not sure what to do to resolve this, I know there are some dependencies I think 4 of them like liblockfile-1 or something and pmount but I am worried about dumping these and re-installing if that is safe or not?

I am looking for a direction of help, as far as I can tell I have dumped everything entirely, rebooted and re-installed and same issue.

Please Help and thanks

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Re: Torrent Client Crashes Immediatly

Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:14 pm

A lot of views and not many replies I guess its just time to re-install, time to get started.

Oh one friend mentioned trying to validate or cleaning files but I think that was covered with what I did above.

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