No Video - HDMI Trouble?

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by quantasized » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:40 pm
I just did something a bit stupid but when I unplugged the power and then re plugged it in... I got no response on my Monitor. That said, I am using an HDMI to DVI cable cause my monitor does not take HDMI directly. Soo... what I did > I shutdown my Raspberry Pi and when the system was halted (but not off) I unplugged the SD card. Now when I start it up, all the lights seem to do the right things but I get no video. I played fairly good with the HDMI to DVI cable, but the only response I got was (if I held the cable just right at the DVI end) was the monitor saying it was out of range.

Any ideas?

I have no analog TV to test on so I will see what my Dad has and pursue that as an option for now.
Thanks for any help
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