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Filesystem corruption: not enough power ?

Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:14 am


I'm using my Raspbery Pi as a NAS with Samba. NAS is using NTFS filesystem (ntfs-3fg).
So far, I can access to my shared folder from where I want.
Samba is wellconfigured, running under Raspbian (tried Arch also which is the same for the following problem).
My external hard driver disk is a Western Digital Element 500Go.

When I am copying a file from a remote computer to the NAS, I get an I/O error on the hard drive. It get unmounted and I can't use it anymore unless I do a chkdsk /fon Windows.

So I'm copying a file:

Then an unexpected stop:

And finally:

:arrow: Others things

:idea: When I am using a simple USB stick (4Go), it is working fine
:idea: When I am using my external driver disk on a different computer (not the raspberry), I can copy anything (hardware is probably OK)
:idea: I have both the error when I am copying from Linux and from Windows
:idea: I am using the Nexus 5 power cable and also an inverter

I think that the problem comes from the power supply. There is probably not enough electricity to make the HDD lives.

Do you think I'm right ? What should I do in order to fix the problem and not be obliged to use an usb stick as a storage ?
Thank you in advance :)
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Re: Filesystem corruption: not enough power ?

Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:18 am

if the extremal HD does not have it's own power supply then yes it will be that
the RPI will not be able to supply enough power for a HD [YMMV]
to fix, get a powered USB hub and power the RPI and HD from that
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