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vlc stream error

Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:16 pm

I'm a beginner, I get some trouble with the camera module.I want to use vlc to stream video but it cannot work.

the commend I use is:

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raspivid -o - -t 0 -n | cvlc -vvv stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554/}' :demux=h264
and I get this message:

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[0x6c7b90] main stream output debug: stream=`demux=h264'
[0x6c7d50] main stream out debug: looking for sout stream module: 0 candidates
[0x6c7d50] main stream out debug: no sout stream module matched "demux=h264"
[0x6c7d50] main stream out debug: TIMER module_need() : 3.857 ms - Total 3.857 ms / 1 intvls (Avg 3.857 ms)
[0x6c7d50] main stream out debug: destroying chain... (name=(null))
[0x6c7d50] main stream out debug: destroying chain done
[0x6c7b90] main stream output error: stream chain failed for `rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554/}:demux=h264'
[0x5d9d08] main playlist debug: finished input
[0x6c3058] main input error: cannot start stream output instance, aborting
[0x5d9d08] main playlist debug: dead input
[0x5d9d08] main playlist debug: changing item without a request (current 0/1)
[0x5d9d08] main playlist debug: nothing to play
It seems there is no module named demux=h264.

very thanks for help.

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Re: vlc stream error

Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:13 am

No body know how to solve the problem?

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