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How to fix webcam stream to be constant without start/stops

Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:45 pm

New to Rasberry Pi /Linux I decided for my first project to create a web-cam stream/surveillance setup.

Im using a Microsoft Lifecam-5000 HD I have installed motion installed libraries using: sudo apt-get install lib41-0

installed uvcapture using: sudo apt-get install uvcapture

before I installed these two software packages when I typed the IP address of the Pi into my web browser nothing happened the browser didnt respond or load any page. After the installation now the web browser loads a page but says "web page not available"

Issue: Stream is not constantly "playing" in VLC and stops after 10 seconds I have turned on loop in VLC so I don't have to keep restarting the stream .

P.S Also I would greatly appreciate if I could be pointed in the right direction how to view the stream in the browser which I was unable to accomplish.

Many Thanks

Some progress I have so far made:
I read more and started turn the motion daemon on through /etc/default/motion . This has now allows me to see the control page of the stream but still am unable to see the webcam stream through my windows machine. I have used lsusb and dmesg | tail to see if the Pi detects my camera. In both instances my camera is being detected and the light on the camera is on.

I was able to figure out and find that "sudo motion -n" finally starts reading from camera and saving images taken from web camera. I have entered the Pi's URL into VLC to view the network stream and had success only issue is it stops after 6 seconds and I have to hit play again.

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