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Pi with Tripp-Lite U222

Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:19 am

This is what I found trying to use a Tripp-Lite U222-007-R USB hub with one of my pi's. All of the USB Type A ports on the Tripp-Lite hub pass power through to the pi. I believe this is called feedback power. But, the Type B plug on the hub does not feedback power. Anyway, using the cable that came with the Tripp-Lite hub with Type B connector on one end and the Type A connector on the other end, works when plugged into either of the pi's two USB ports. The way I diagnosed this was, I plugged in the Trip-Lite power source so the Tripp-Lite on-light came on. Then I used a USB cable Type A to Type A and plugged into another hub that has a light. The only connection that did not turn on that other hubs light was using the Type A to Type B connection (Type B on the Tripp-Lite to Type A on the other hub). When I then connected my 1TB drive to the Tripp-Lite hub pi recognized it. Hope this helps some out there!

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