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Samba Share to Mac Name Changes

Sun May 09, 2021 9:46 pm

I've set up my Raspberry Pi 4 on my network via Ethernet at a static IP address, and configured it to be used by Time Machine (mostly using https://mudge.name/2019/11/12/using-a-r ... e-machine/, though I formatted it as HFS+ instead of Ext4, which I hear can be flakey and I might need to change that in the future). When I "Connect to Server" from my Mac I type in the IP, and what is shown in my left-hand panel in Finder is the IP. However, I was seeing the Pi advertised as "raspberrypi-3" if I look from the Network location in Finder (see attached picture). Possibly that was already there, and the way my pi was named on my network just due to the Ethernet connection?

Time Machine initially showed an available backup disk on rspberrypi-3 instead of the IP (and I didn't see an option for the IP version in the selection box). I selected raspberrypi-3 and backups ran and completed. That was yesterday. Today, my computer told me the connection to the pi was interrupted, and when I reconnected it was titled "raspberrypi-4". I reconnected using Go > Connect to Network (and the static IP) and I can now see the IP in the list of options for Time Machine, but I had only seen the name (raspberrypi-3 or -4) listed previously.

Why is it coming up in these two different ways? Is one of them "right" and one "wrong"? Because I did specific Samba configs for the Pi to work smoothly with Time Machine. And why is the name incrementing in number? If Time Machine doesn't reliably show the backup as an IP, then the changing name is going to keep it from working autonomously. If it reliably shows the IP everywhere, can I hide the named version to avoid confusion?

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View of Network location in Finder
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Re: Samba Share to Mac Name Changes

Mon May 10, 2021 2:44 am

Do you have more than one pi on the network and if so, do they have unique host names?

Do you have two connections (e.g Ethernet and WiFi) from the Pi at the same time to the same network?

Have you reinstalled the o/s on the same pi AFTER saving user / password for the share in the keychain?

It would be worth checking keychain for any old entries and deleting them if you are sure they are old.

As for disk format - just use one of the ext formats - any user space file system (ntfs, apfs etc) do cause a slowdown and have proved unreliable here with CCC, TimeMachine and Finder access :-(

I'm not sure why the avahi-daemon package config is required from the link unless it's a SAMBA limitation as avahi runs fine on the Pi. I use netatalk for shares and backups without needing it to be configured. Even so, this should not change the name.
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Re: Samba Share to Mac Name Changes

Mon May 10, 2021 11:30 pm

I only have one Pi on the network when this happens.

It MIGHT be connected by both Ethernet and Wifi (can they do that?). I've connected to it in the past via Wifi... but I only see it once in my list of connected devices on my router app.

I have not reinstalled the o/s on the same pi after saving user / password for the share in the keychain?

I'll try to clean out old keychain info.

I'm sure I'll switch to ext at some point....

The procedure uses Avahi instead of Netatalk because some people have had problems with Netatalk. The Avahi method sets up the pi to mimic a time capsule very closely which can make it... more reliable? More likely to work? I dunno yet, but I'm on day 3 and the process still works.

Today I'm up to raspberrypi-8, and my drive listed as the IP in Finder is gone (again), but since I set the Time Machine prefs to the IP version of the disk path yesterday, TM was still able to locate the disk even without the IP drive visibly mounted, so... cool!!! I have added the mount to my start items and read that might make the connection stick around, but I haven't rebooted yet and the fact that TM can connect without seeing it in Finder is totally fine with me, hah.

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