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reinstall thonny

Mon Dec 07, 2020 5:20 pm

recently updated and upgraded my Debian OS on my Pi 4B.

Afterwards, when running a program from the Adafruit_Led_Anim,ation library, The program would load, but the thonny IDE would nearly freeze, with an output of 'False' over and over, which is why it was unresponsive. My regular programs (self written) ran just fine.

I tried Add/Remove software but was not successful to get this issue completely worked out. Not sure if all three thonny packages need to be installed, or uninstalled. The error logs apparently refer to thonny not teh Adafruit libraries. I erased and redownloaded all copies of the Adafruit_Led_animations library with no change.

Is there a way to not use the Add/Remove packages to completely remove and re-install? I like thonny because it allows you to download the loaded program without changing the name to 'code.py'


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