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not re-booting/get stuck with black screen after rpi-eeprom-update

Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:14 pm

i have an RPi4B 4GB with official original RPi4 Power supply
and every time i make a manual

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sudo rpi-eeprom-update -a
and try to reboot my RPi4B the first time it always do not boot.
it get stucked with a black screen and nothing else happen.
the only thing that helps is to cut the power off the RPi and replug it to power again. then the RPi works as normal.

it is already the third time i observed that behavoir on my RPi4B.
is that behavoir normal?

at the moment i have this firmware version updated

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BCM2711 detected
BOOTLOADER: up-to-date
CURRENT: Thu Mar 19 14:27:25 UTC 2020 (1584628045)
 LATEST: Thu Mar 19 14:27:25 UTC 2020 (1584628045)
 FW DIR: /lib/firmware/raspberrypi/bootloader/stable
VL805: up-to-date
CURRENT: 000137ad
 LATEST: 000137ad
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