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Dual XGPS160

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:00 pm
by anode505
Have an odd issue trying to use this GPS device. (The Dual XGPS 160 SkyPro supports up to 5 connections at once)
I can connect to it just peachy, if the Pi is the first thing to connect to it. But can't get it to connect if another device beat it to that first slot.

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rfcomm connect 0 <MAC> &
just returns a :

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Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Operation now in progress
And no entry in /dev/ for rfcomm0
I've tried editing the channel in the /etc/bluetooth/rfcom.conf with no joy.

I'm only working via command line, and don't use the GUI, since its a headless (all my Pis are headless for the most part)